STAR WARS™: FORCE COLLECTION – Command your favorite Star Wars heroes and assemble the most powerful ipa (Iphone)

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  • Added: 03/14/2015
  • Downloads:67
  • Developer: KONAMI
  • Pros
    Official Star Wars, Yoda and Darth Vader included
    Suited for newcomers to CCG
    A few great animations
  • Cons
    There's Jar Jar Binks in it
    It doesn't bring anything new to the genre or to Star Wars lore



Star Wars official CCG

I'm pretty sure that the last that Star Wars needed is a collectible card game, but here it is, and brought by the hand of nothing less than Konami. And what can we say about it? Close to nothing. It's a standard card game, with all the elements you would expect of such, both for good and bad. Cards can be traded, only sold and bought, cards can be fussioned and duels are as important as taking your time to choose and understand the cards your deck will be made of. On the other hand, the chance to ally friends to beat some missions and the Star Wars paraphernalia ranging from Episode I (this is not the episode you were looking for) to VI (gasp), plus an elegant user interface.

That is, and I'm sorry if I have been too straightforward because this is indeed a really good card game for mobile, but it's inevitable to feel a little bit disappointed. Recommendable if you're an utter wookie or a compulsory collectible card gamer. Or if you want to try a CCG for the first time, this is also a good choice because it isn't as complex or stilted as others.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Collect over 400 character cards and vehicles including Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Create your own unique battle formations. Each card has its own combination of card skill, attack range, and force attribution. Create a deck which makes these cards exert their true power! Battle with other players and prove your strength!

Join the Global "Legion" Battle!
The epic fleet battle which is one of Star Wars™' highlights has now begun. Form a "Legion" with players around the world and fight in a real-time battle with other Legions! Before the battle starts, reinforce your Legion's fleet together with your teammates. Win the battle and obtain stronger fleets. By joining a Legion, you will be able to have a training battle with your team members and also exchange information by using team chat. The bonds of Legion will make you even stronger!

In addition, big events themed on all six Star Wars movies plus Clone Wars are held regularly. Join these events which take place in many memorable scenes of Star Wars and receive awesome rewards!

Customer Support (English Only):

By Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd

This app can be played without in-app purchases (Crystals). The purchase of in-game Crystals can speed up game-play but ALL players can play the entire game for free. Crystal purchases can help fill out a player's deck of Cards which can be advantageous. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device's settings.
This is an online game only. Users must be connected to the internet to play.

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